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AFS-8530 Atomic fluorescence spectrometer

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application area

Environmental protection, food safety, disease control, medical treatment, health and epidemic prevention, agriculture, geology and minerals, metallurgy, cosmetics, soil, urban water supply and drainage, teaching and research, etc.

1. It is suitable for trace analysis of twelve elements such as arsenic, mercury, selenium, lead, germanium, tin, antimony, bismuth, cadmium, tellurium, zinc and gold in samples.

2. Two-channel and two-element automatic measurement, the single measurement time is less than 30 seconds.

3. Built-in intermittent flow steam generation system (patents), alternately introducing samples and current carriers, realizing on-line cleaning, eliminating cross-contamination.

Approximate sample and reagent dosage, mechanical power to remove waste liquor.

4. Three-dimensional 130-bit slide-rail automatic sampler of X, Y and Z can be selected.

5. High performance coded hollow cathode lamp, automatic identification of the instrument, can monitor the service life.

6. The instrument can automatically dilute high concentration samples with single point configuration working curve.

7. Specially designed shielded quartz furnace cryogenic atomizer (patent) can reduce fluorescence quenching and gas coherent interference and improve atomization efficiency.

8. Advanced membrane separation gas-liquid isolation device.

9. The gas path system adopts array structure and has a new type of throttling device, which can effectively save argon consumption.

10. The instrument has the functions of self-check, automatic diagnosis and fault alarm.

11. It has an argon-hydrogen flame observation window, which can monitor the flame state in real time.

12. The circuit system adopts the high integration function board structure with strong and weak electric separation.

13. It is suitable for Windows 7/8/XP system operation software, and has powerful expert online help system.

14. The software can quickly import the measured data into EXCEL and realize the sharing of network resources.

15. Reserve an integrated morphological unit interface and upgrade it directly to a morphological analyzer.

16. Ultra-small portable design, compact structure, single person can carry, can be used for vehicle use, can be matched with a variety of sampling modules.










 limit D.L.(?g/L)






Precision RSD%


 Linear ranger

  >3 numbers 


Working environment:
Temperature: 15 ~35.
Humidity: <85%
Power: <200W


Patented Technology of Vapor Generation and Gas-liquid Separation System ZL 201220740031.7

 Automatic cleaning device for injection needle ZL 201420280575.9

 No Residual Steam Generation System ZL 201320214630.X

 Inrush gas-liquid separator ZL 201120099410.8

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